Sushi Box
Sushi Box
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Sushi Box

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Feeds 4-6 people

This box is perfect for a sushi party or family night, to help bring the in the fun. This is guaranteed to provide entertainment to all that participate. Make sure to add your own veggies that you like and prepare your own sushi rice first. 

This kit includes:

1-1.3lb pc albacore tuna loin 

1- 1 pack cooked sushi shrimp (Ebi)- 20 pcs

1-11 oz pc BBQ eel (Unagi)

1-pack plastic, disposable gloves- 100 pcs

1- 2.2 lb bag of seaweed salad

1-1 pack of crab sticks gold

1-1 pc of pickled daikon radish (Takuan)

1- bg pickled pink ginger

1- bg wasabi (just add water)

1-80g tray frozen uni

1-500g pc sweet egg omelet (Tamago)

1-1 lb bg ground tuna

1-1 pc of yellowtail fish loin (Hamachi)

1-pk nori half cut (roasted seaweed)

1-pc bamboo rollers (Maki Su)